Alfa Romeo Stelvio: Critical SUV Unveiled

This is the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio, unveiled at the 2016 Las Angeles Motor Show this week, the most important car in the storied manufacturers history.

Alfa's move back towards viability has finally started to gather pace, with the launch of the 4C reviving the brand's identity and re-introducing Alfa Romeo to the US; the new Giulia giving Alfa Romeo its first BMW / Mercedes competitor since the launch of the 164, way back in the 1990s; and now we have the Stelvio, the car whose sales will, if all goes well, fund the future growth of the marque.

Alfa Romeo may mean sports cars and performance and championship winning track antics to most car buyers, but the company was responsible for commercial vehicles, including 4WD off roaders for the Italian military in the past.

The Stelvio moves into a hot market sector, with premium SUVs arriving from every corner. It needs to sell well and based on looks alone I doubt that will prove to be a problem.

Availability is slated for early-2018. Can't come soon enough in my book...