Alcatel's Windows Mobile Ad Doesn't Know Whether To Work Or Play

American's will soon be able to pick up the Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows Mobile from T-Mobile stores and on the face of it there's an impressive device here. However the advertising is a little confusing. Is this a work device or a consumer device?

I suspect the intention was to show that the Idol 4S could be both, thanks to the inclusion of Continuum, however the ad misses the mark.

Being the first Windows 10 Mobile to work with a VR headset and almost certainly the first phone of any sort to ship with a  VR headset as standard, the advert could have been better paced, with more focus on one or two standout features, like VR.

As it is there wasn't a single compelling reason given to be interested in the Idol 4S.

It's like other companies don't ever watch Apple's advertising before signing off on a campaign. Irrespective of what it's selling, Apple advertising campaigns are sublime. It's a lesson the rest of the industry really needs to learn.


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