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Yahoo Will Try To Make Users Stay, Whether They Want To Or Not


Yahoo’s recent problems with leaked user accounts and information sharing with US Government agencies has inevitably resulted in a flood of users seeking to abandon the platform. As it has little more than its user base to sell to Verizon at this point the company is obviously keen to prevent that happening. As a result it has started to make the process of abandoning Yahoo more difficult than it was before.

Email forwarding, a key step is easing the transition to a new mail service, has been disabled by Yahoo, although users who currently have it in place will find it still works. Whilst Yahoo says the service is in development, the only logical reason for this move was to halt a significant movement of users to other services using this tool.

If you have previously enabled POP access on your Yahoo account you can still use this service to get email collected by another service – both Gmail and support POP access to other mailboxes.