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Wireless Charging Is Great, So Why Don't You Have It Yet?

One of the most useful innovations of recent years has been wireless charging, a technology which really releases your phone from the annoyance of tethering.

Dropping your phone onto the charging pad on your desk soon becomes second nature. Charging? You never having to think about it. Need to take a call or send a message? You can grab it off the charger without having to take the time to unplug, or having it fly across the office when you forget you plugged it in.

Charging pads are cheap too, you can spread them across your home and grab a charge wherever you set your phone down. Right now you can pick up official Samsung Qi charging pads for £6 a piece on Amazon. That's cheap enough to have them everywhere.

Currently I have one on my desk at work, in the car, on my bedside table, in the lounge and in my home office. I can't remember the last time I plugged a phone in to charge.

Ah yes, I can actually. Each time I use an iPhone. Why Apple has failed to jump on the wireless charging bandwagon defeats me. And I'm certainly not going to add an ugly or cumbersome wireless charging dongle or case to my iPhone.

Wireless charging has reached the point where it's so cheap to add to devices and so ubiquitous that even Apple can't hold off any longer. Can it?