Windows 10 Usage Didn’t Grow In September

windows10 marketshare sept16

It took a month to show, but NetMarketShare’s numbers for OS usage in September show that the end of the free Windows 10 upgrade period killed the platform’s usage growth dead. In fact, within the limits of the accuracy of the data collection method it would actually appear that usage feel compared to the numbers reported for August.

With Microsoft announcing that 400 million devices had no received Windows 10 (a number which potentially includes around twenty million Xbox One consoles and anywhere between five million and twenty million Windows Mobile users) it seems that the company’s target of hitting one billion Windows 10 installs is now even further away from being achieved.

An interesting figure from the mobile device stats shows that Windows smartphones continue to hold market share – posting an almost identical number month on month from August. It seems like loyal Windows phone users are still hanging onto their devices. Probably not going to be a long term thing though.


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