Windows 10 Mobiles Have Never Been Better Value - Unfortunately

Microsoft has been in a bit of an unseemly rush to clear stocks of Windows 10 Mobile hardware, something which says plenty about the likely future of the platform.

The Lumia 950 / 950 XL two for the price of one offer ran twice in the US and Canada, effectively halving the price of the handsets to users who got in at the right time. Of course the impact on resale values for customers who paid full price for their phones wasn't great. With what must have been a significant amount of unsold stock held in warehouses costing money I guess Microsoft decided to cut its losses.

In the UK customers can now get all Lumia handsets at deep discount - with the current offer of the Lumia 650 for £109 looking particularly attractive. The rot has even spread beyond Microsoft's devices, with Acer Jade Primo halving in price overnight.

Pound for pound there's never been a better time to buy a Windows Mobile, and never been less reason to do so.

I wonder just how many phones Microsoft would have sold had it launched its current range at more realistic pricing levels (and management hadn't killed the platform by damning its future).


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