Windows 10 Mobile Dies With The HP Elite x3


Writing for PC Magazine, Sascha Segan suggests that the HP Elite x3 should be the last Windows phone. It isn’t a difficult supposition to agree with. Microsoft have managed to fail at mobile for so hard and for so long that eventually it has to give up. And its not always been the product’s fault.

Right now Windows 10 Mobile is at least as good a mobile platform as iOS and Android, save for its lack of third-party support and the stigma of Microsoft’s name and Windows Mobile / Windows Phone’s past failings; it would have a reasonable uptake.

It’s impossible to wipe away that app gap and that history though. Too much baggage and not enough delivery.

Microsoft will continue to deliver Windows 10 Mobile updates, in fact it is iterating its mobile platform far faster than either Google or Apple. There may even be other Windows phones that make it to market, despite evidence that Microsoft’s partners have already given up. They will be as relevant as newly launched Symbian devices are today.

With reports that a rumoured Surface Phone won’t happen until 2018 at the earliest, platform momentum running backwards and long-time supporters left with next to nothing to aspire to, HP’s Elite x3 will be the last Windows Mobile purely by dint of recognition. It looks a good phone with excellent specs and great potential and it has the interest of the technology press at least. Future Windows Mobiles (should they ever happen) will fail to pique the interest of even the most dedicated news hound. No column inches, no buzz, no sales.

If a smartphone platform falls and no-one is listening, does it make a sound?


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