Which? Says Apple Blew iPhone 7 Battery Design - Again

battery case iphone 6

One technology headline stood out for me last week. It was in the almost exlusively pro-Apple Guardian newspaper and it asked “How good can a phone be if its battery doesn’t even last a day?” when talking about the new iPhone 7.

Which? tested the new iPhone against three rivals and found that its battery life to be either awful or downright appalling, depending on which task was being measured.

In the Guardian’s review Samuel Gibbs reported that he found the the 7 had a significantly worse battery life than the 6S. So much for stripping out the headphone jack to provide better battery life then.

Apple just doesn’t seem to be capable of making the right compromises to prioritise battery life. With each new version of its flagship device design decisions have been made which mean battery anxieties for iPhone users.

Its a few years since Samsung’s Wallhuggers advert but the message still rings true. The continued popularity of battery cases for the iPhone (including Apple’s own eyesore) clearly demonstrates that Apple hasn’t been making the right choice for many of its customers.

Does anyone really think the iPhone 7 would be a worse design if it were 2mm thicker and had a battery 50% more capable?


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