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What Does Microsoft Have Lined Up For Its October Date

With just a few weeks to go before Microsoft takes to the stage for its October event I'm starting to wonder just how much it will have to show off.

The event was first announced with a whole raft of potential new devices mooted: a range of new Surface desktop all in one devices, the new Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2, a replacement for the Surface 3, the Surface Phone, Band 3 and, well that seems like a long enough list for now.

Since the announcement Microsoft appears to have been managing expectations through well planned leaks, authorised and unauthorised comments from senior managers.

So, Band 3 is off the table, Surface and Surface Pro aren't happening, Surface Phone may never happen and the range of AIOs may well be just one device.

With Surface Book 2 the only other item not absolutely denied its  going to be a very  short presentation. I mean how innovative can a new desktop be, especially when the form factor has been all but abandoned?

I suppose the only other possibility is that Microsoft will take the opportunity to showcase new devices from its partners.

Otherwise the new Surface Bluetooth keyboard is going to be getting an awful large amount of time in the sun.