Surface Studio And Surface Dial Riff On An Idea That's Nearly A Decade Old

The launch of the Surface Studio and Surface Dial has certainly caught the media's attention but the two working together reminded me of something I'd seen before. With the benefit of hindsight the promises made of what used to be the Surface, a 30" tabletop computer, were a little ambitious and foretold a future that didn't make sense even back then.

Nevertheless, in this 2008 presentation of the original Surface you can see the germ of the idea from which the Studio and Dial must inherit some DNA. The colour wheel, interaction with physical objects and of course the concept of a horizontal display are all here.

Cloud synchronisation has mostly replaced the idea of sharing photos from devices, but even here Microsoft was ahead of the game. You'll see photo sharing from the cloud via the Windows Live Spaces service used in a couple of places through he demo.