Surely This Is Your Next iPhone


Notice anything interesting about the display on the Sharp Android handset pictured above? That’s right, its display curves into the top corners. The technology was unveiled by Sharp in Japan as the Corner-R and it seems to me that there’s only one potential destination for this product: the iPhone 8.

Sharp’s display unit is now owned by Foxconn – Apple’s first choice of iPhone OEM. The rumours of an all display iPhone sound a lot more likely when viewed through the lens of the above image. Other than that tiny bottom bezel that phone really is all display.

Moving a new technology from prototype to production usually requires extensive capital investment and a ready demand for the end product. Apple can service both of those needs.

So ignore the Sharp logo on the bottom bezel of this phone, replace it with a slimmed down Touch ID sensor and  iOS home screen and this will be the massive leap forward in design that the tenth anniversary iPhone demands.


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