Sharp President Suggests US Built OLED Screens For Next iPhones

Quoted in the Nikkei Asian Review, Tai-Jeng Wu, President of Sharp, has claimed that Apple will use the company's OLED displays for the next iPhone. Speaking during the presentation of an honorary degree at Tatung University in Japan, Wu apparently blew the cover on Apple's plans for next year.

Logic would dictate that the Foxconn purchase of Sharp was designed to give Apple more control over display manufacture and the recent unveiling of the curved corner Sharp display showed us a product which has written all over it.

Wu also hinted that Apple was pressuring for the manufacture of OLED screens to happen in the US.

Whilst it doesn't tell us anything we hadn't guessed, I'm pretty sure that Wu will face some censure for his comments. Apple veil of secrecy may be a little more leaky than before but I'm sure it won't be happy by partners discussing future products it would like to keep secret.

On the next iPhone front, I'm guessing that there might just be three iPhones, as some sites are speculating. The regular 4.7" and 5.5" devices and an additional, very expensive and very top of the line version with the curved screen. Low yields of the curved screen are likely to impact on availability. 

And a unique, anniversary edition to the iPhone range could sell for a significant premium. Which makes it a perfect Apple product.