Samsung Galaxy S7 Still Has The Best Camera According To Blind Tests


Arguments over which phone has the best camera often degenerates into a less than reasoned set of arguments over technical specs and individual preferences; with standards based comparisons proving to be academic in the argument over which photos actually look the best.

So two resounding successes for Samsung in large sample size tests are a testament to the quality of the S7 camera. The first test, at Phone Arena, featured the S7 Edge, iPhone 7, LG G5 and the iPhone 6S. The S7 Edge won by a country mile.

In the second test, run by Windows Central, the Galaxy S7 faced off against the iPhone 7, LG V20 and Lumia 950 and once again the Samsung was a clear winner.

These tests are particularly relevant because they were undertaken blind. Participants selected their favourite photos from a blind sample. Shots were real world in both instances, better approximating the actual photos that most people will take with their smartphones.

On this basis, with no possibility of preconceptions and bias affecting the results, the outcome was the same in both instances. People prefer photos taken with the Samsung S7 and by a large margin.

For all that Apple focuses on the iPhone as a camera, these two tests demonstrate that it has a long way to go before it catches up to the quality that Samsung is delivering with the Galaxy S7.


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