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Samsung Owners: Don't Bother Trying To Use Your Phone Inflight

One of the most obvious side effects of the Galaxy Note 7's initial recall was the way in which airlines effected an almost blanket ban on Samsung phones being used or even turned on when onboard.

For Samsung owners it was a pain. It isn't going to get any better now that sales of the Note 7 have been suspended (permanently?)

For Samsung the publicity couldn't get any worse. For Samsung owners it's going to be a time when their loyalty to the brand is sorely put to the test. Being shamed for your choice of expensive phone – even though it's completely faultless - isn't the sort of experience that will keep customers coming back.

Exploding phone jokes are bad enough, exploding phone companies are another thing altogether.

Samsung has to find a way to work with the airlines to fix this before the reputational damage becomes to big for it to ever recover from.