Samsung Begins The Healing – $100 Credit For NZ Note 7 Customers

note 7 credit

Samsung’s efforts to minimise the impact of the Galaxy Note 7 problems in New Zealand have been relatively successful, with loan phones being given to customers who were waiting for replacements under the original recall (I’ve heard of Note 5 and S7s being used for this purpose) and people I know who had purchased the phone were all keen to have a replacement rather than a refund.

Unfortunately the decision to terminate the device means this can’t happen.

Recognising that customers have been inconvenienced as a result of the recall / replacement / termination Samsung NZ is offering customers a $100 credit  as a gesture of goodwill. Details are here and are apparently related to the purchase location, although there’s no information on whether its a $100 Samsung Store credit, a credit for the store they purchased the Note 7 from or some form of money card.

Until the extent of Samsung’s generosity has been made completely clear this remains a gesture. Still, it’s good to see that Samsung has been quick to reach out to its customers.


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