Pixel Marks A Step Back In Time For HTC

HTC never really got a mention when Google announced its new Pixel phones, in stark contrast to the high profile that the last Nexus phones afforded their manufacturers.

It's a change of approach for Google, putting its name front and center (well on the back, technically but you know what I mean) however for HTC this is nothing new.

Step back a decade and a half and HTC was a name that was unheard of, despite being the most prolific of handheld manufacturers.

The iPaq? Yep, that was HTC, O2's XDA? HTC too, in fact HTC's designs appeared under almost every brand you care to mention. From Palm to Sony Ericsson to T-Mobile.

Life as a contract manufacturer may be something that HTC thought it had left behind, but a succession of missteps running back more than four years have left it in a position where going back to its roots will probably save the company.

It's an admission that HTC can't stand toe to toe with Apple, Samsung, Huawei or Lenovo.  Fortunately Google's new Android plan came just at the right time for HTC.


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