Ouch… Verizon Pixel Buyers’ Experience Will Be Sub-par


Google Pixel buyers in the US will have two options when the new phone goes on sale: buy through Google or go to Verizon. Information on the way that latter phone will be managed should be the only encouragement you need to get yours through the Google Store.

Google’s Nexus phones have traditionally received their Android updates and upgrades directly from the mothership and for Pixels bought from the Google Store this will also be the case. Verizon customers will get their updates from Verizon and given any carriers obvious focus on sales and getting new customers signed up I’d be a little concerned about just how much investment they’ll be making into an older phone.

Android updates for network provided handsets are always delayed when compared to SIM-free versions, that’s true everywhere in the world, not just for Verizon in the US.

However the downsides of a Verizon handset don’t end there. Verizon will also be free to sell the handset with whatever software it choose preloaded. Yep, that’s right, a Google phone with Verizon sanctioned bloatware. Sounds impressive.

Whether this is a sales model Google will allow elsewhere in the world remains to be seen. For now, US buyers at least need to make the right choice when their picking their Pixel.


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