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Ouch, Tesla's Shocking Slide In Reliability

The LA Times is reporting that Consumer Reports has dinged Tesla for the unreliability of its EVs. Having once been the darling of the service, achieving record scores along the way, Tesla has slid to the bottom of the reliability charts.

Unfortunately the problems that Tesla has experienced with advanced features of its cars, like the Model X gull wing doors, have damaged the companies reputation for reliability. Something that it can ill-afford, with the number of other issues, auto pilot in particular, it currently faces.

These kind of problems are inevitable when scaling up manufacture of a complicated vehicle, even the most storied companies go through these going pains when a glittering reputation gets tarnished as it tries to go from small and popular to large and profitable.

Ask Alfa Romeo or Mercedes, two of the oldest car companies, who both experienced issues when trying to grow their manufacturing capacity.

For Tesla, with no real background in large scale manufacturing, things are infinitely harder.

On the plus side, the company has shown that it isn't scared to do the hard things and I've no doubt that it will get its reliability issues under control. Whether it will do that before its operations are overwhelmed by the arrival of the big boys is an entirely different question.