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Nintendo Switch Is A Mutating Portable Home Console

Nintendo's NX has seen the light of day as the Switch and, conceptually at least, this looks like a winner of a console. Running as part of your normal family room setup it's a big screen console that does everything today's machines can do.

When it's time to give up that large screen TV for other uses you can pop the console out of its docking unit and attached the versatile controllers to create a handheld gaming machine, complete with its own screen.

Unlike the Xbox game streaming feature Microsoft has made so useful for Window 10 PC owners, the Switch is actually self contained, being a complete portable console when undocked with no requirement to connect back to its home base.

The controllers can be used attached or detached from the Switch and are flexible enough to allow two players to play at once, using one half of the controller pair each. Local multiplayer, multi-console games will also be possible through creation of ad-hoc networks on the fly.

Which makes for an impressively flexible piece of kit.

However the Switch will live and die by the quality and quantity of its games. This is a grown up gaming platform, not for the very junior audience that previous Nintendo systems attracted. 

If the games come to market (and Nintendo unveiled a comprehensive list of developers supporting the new console) then this could steal success from under the noses of Sony and Microsoft.