New MacBooks Inbound October 27?

Apple has moved its quarterly earnings call forward a couple of days to October 25th, leaving the originally planned October 27th date free. Free for what though?

It seems that the clever money is on a refresh of both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, with the expected upgrades including newer Intel CPUs, an OLED touchscreen mounted rearward of the keyboard to form a virtual function key row, a thinner body for the MacBook Pro and USB-C ports all round.

Some more interesting ideas include a Touch ID sensor incorporated into the power button. I'm not sure on this one, after all the ability to unlock a Mac with an Apple Watch has just been introduced... why make that new feature redundant when it's one of the biggest reasons for investing in an Apple Watch?

The second rumour has the MacBook keyboard making its way to the bigger machines. The MacBook keyboard is awful, but I think that's as a result of its implementation. The lack of key travel robs the MacBook's keyboard of feel. Presumably on the bigger machines Apple could retain the scissor key mechanism and add some key travel for better usability.

With Mac sales in reverse, as with rest of the PC market, it will be interesting to see how much Apple invests in this re-design. The current machines are aging and lack excitement when compared to Windows 10 competitors. The MacBook Air, in particular, has become a victim of its own success by being everywhere.

The last question surrounds the Mac Pro - an aging machine which isn't very good value for money for the power it offers. Surely that too is due an update, three years since its launch?


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