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Mildly Positive Reviews Aren't Enough For HP's Elite x3 To Succeed

When HP announced the Elite x3 it was to a mixed chorus of responses, great looking phone, nice hardware, lots of potential but why use a Windows Mobile platform that was already rotting on the vine?

Of course the answer to that question was Continuum, but as experience is beginning to tell us, Continuum is something of a half-baked solution. When it works it's nothing short of amazing (for those of a technical mind, anyway) but there are too many gaps in what it can deliver.

This is what the early reviews of the Elite x3 are telling us. Great phone in concept, brilliant plan to offer three devices in one, but execution is limited by the solution and performance is hampered by the hardware.

So whilst reviewers like the phone - and more importantly seem to want to like the phone too - the lukewarm conclusions of their reviews are going to put off all but the most ardent of HP-only shops. User experience would be infinitely better served with a seperate phone and laptop.

HP may well get the Elite x3 into enterprise, but I doubt very much whether it will ever be as the three in one device it's offering. And I doubt it will be anywhere close to the premium price tag that HP is offering its solution at.

In the end, dodgy camera performance notwithstanding, the x3 looks a far better consumer device than an enterprise one. HP needs to knock a third off the price and sell it through retail whilst there's still some consumer demand for Windows Mobile to exploit.

Because otherwise its going to be holding this stock for a very long time.