Microsoft Store Cleansing Process Is Happening

Microsoft has been promising to cleanse the Windows Store of apps for a while now, with the company making noises about age ratings and their absence from a number of apps.

That process has now begun, with large numbers of apps being removed from the Windows Mobile Store - half of apps in the German store, a third of Italian apps.

App quality has been a concern for the Windows Store - in the rush to get numbers app Microsoft hasn't been overly fussy about what it allowed to be published in the past - hopefully this marks the start of a review which will raise the overall standard of apps, even if it's at the expense of the headline numbers in the store.

Those publishers having apps removed at the moment have ignored several warnings from Microsoft over what would happen if an age rating wasn't added, so it's fair to assume that these have effectively been abandoned.

That's not to say that there won't be some good apps culled here, but ultimately the wider good is better servecd by Microsoft taking a hardline with publishers from now on.