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Microsoft Offers Presage New Hardware

For all the limited expectations around Microsoft's hardware event next week, there are some clues that suggest Microsoft has some new hardware to show off.

For example the Surface Pro 4 has seen some hefty discounts in different regions over the last month and now the Surface Dock accessory is also available at a sale price.

Now this may just be Microsoft trying to put a better spin on inventory and sales numbers, but if so its either a little late for the Q3 reporting period or very early for the Q4 one.

The consensus seems to be a Surface Pro 5 isn't going to be ready until next year, but I guess that doesn't stop Microsoft from creating a Surface Pro 4S, with updated internals. Much as Apple does in every second year of the iPhone release cycle.

The dock discount is a bit of a strange on though. If the Surface Pro is a minor update you would expect it to retain the current Surface connector design. If there is also a new Surface Book in the offing that will leverage USB-C for its power and connectivity then this makes a bit more sense. I suppose its not entirely impossible that an upgrade Surface Pro 4 could switch to the new connector too.