It’s Very Unlikely Dona Sarkar Just Leaked The Surface Phone


This tweet from Windows Insider lead Dona Sarkar created a very small tweet storm earlier, with many jumping on the mention of an unreleased phone as a unsubtle hint of the much-rumoured Surface Phone.

That just seems to be an assumption too far in my book. Firstly if Microsoft were close to releasing a Surface Phone I’d guess that it would be telling senior staff to button their lips; and if it isn’t close to release is says little for current devices that an early prototype is a better option.

As it stands I’d guess that Sarkar uses an iPhone, or possibly an Android phone, much like most of Microsoft’s senior staff. If there’s a prototype phone in Sarkar’s possession it’s more likely to be a third-party Android device than a Surface Phone. Especially given that one of the big announcements at Ignite was that iOS and Android devices will soon be able to be used to unlock your PC.

Best case for Windows Mobile fans is a prototype HP device aimed at a slightly lower price point than the Elite x3. Worst case? Dona Sarkar’s yanking their chains. Surface Phone: I’ll believe it when I see it.


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