iPhone Owners Will Need An Adapter To Tether The New MacBook Pro

Apple went all-in on USB-C for the MacBook Pro - a good move in my view as the new standard starts to gain momentum. New devices and accessories with USB-C connectivity are becoming more and more common.

For iPhone owners plugging into the MBP could prove to be an exercise in frustration though. For the moment there is now Lightning to USB-C cable, which means a USB-C to full-size USB adapter is going to be required.

Now I know that the requirement to tether any smartphone has become less important, but given the flakiness of iCloud and the iPhone's still marginal battery life, it isn't inconcievable that you'll need to do this.

My work iPhone spends as much time as possible tethered to my laptop to minimise the risk of it running out of battery just at the wrong time.

Neither buying nor carrying a USB-C adapter is going to be too much of a problem, but still I can't help thinking Apple has been missing a trick here. A Lightning to USB-C accessory cable would be very useful thing for MB and MBP owners to have and thus likely a pretty big seller.