In A Bizarre Windows 10 Echo, Apple Will Push macOS Sierra To Your Mac

macos sierra

One of the big downsides of the Windows 10 rollout for Microsoft was that way in which it continually nagged and pushed the upgrade at users who didn’t want it. There was more than a little bad feeling, which manifested itself in a lot of negative column inches.

So copying this particular strategy seems an odd thing for Apple to do.

macOS Sierra’s upgrade files will apparently be pushed to compatible Macs, whether you like it or not. Presumably the nagging prompt to upgrade (which Apple had long before Windows 10 to be fair) will then take over, begging for an upgrade click until resistance is overcome.

At least Apple appears to be taking a more sensible approach to how it does this though. Mac which don’t have the hard drive space for the upgrade won’t download it. Macs that start running short of space will delete already downloaded upgrade files to free some space up as necessary.

With many ISPs still implementing data caps an unwanted upgrade could still cause annoyance. Especially if you run into a situation where natural file creation and deletion takes you above and below the cap, causing the update to download, get deleted and then downloaded again. Although my expectation (unconfirmed) is that Apple will have considered this possibility and put appropriate controls in place.

If you’re a Mac user there seems like no reason not to take the update and plenty of reasons to grab it as quickly as possible. It will be interesting to see if there are repercussions for Apple or whether it has done a better job of judging the mood of its users than Microsoft did.


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