HP Misses Sweet Spot With Elite x3 Lap Dock Pricing

The dumb laptop, a keyboard, battery and screen masquerading as a lightweight ultra book, gained plenty of interest when HP revealed it as part of the accessory set for its Elite x3 Windows smartphone. The Lap Dock would finally deliver on Windows 10 Mobile's Continuum promise and consolidate all your computing into one device.

The solution is very obviously aimed at HP's enterprise clients and as a result the expectation was that this would be top notch hardware at a premium price.

Which it certainly is.

However the price of the Lap Dock is such that I find it hard to believe that even HP's staunchest customers will stomach it. At $599 the Lap Dock is the price of a decent laptop; and with the phone costing another $799 it seem an expensive way of going about business.

If you allow for a 15-20% discount based on volumes (hah!) this remains a $1200 PC setup that can't do everything a PC can do without relying on virtualisation technology.

If the whole bundle came in around $1,000 I'd see it raising some interest. Until it does, I see HP struggling to raise sales. The bundle looks too limited to support the sort of high end executive who would warrant this kind of package and too expensive to give the road warrior who might benefit from it.

Looks like it would make for a great enthusiast machine, paired with a cheap Lumia 950, if HP are prepared to sell it to consumers that is.



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