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HP Launches New Envy AIO, What Does That Say About Microsoft’s Rumoured Surface?


This is the HP Envy all-in-one desktop computer, HP’s take on a designer desktop PC and quite obviously aimed at the iMac. It looks a nice enough piece of kit and given HP’s current run of form, is likely to be as good on the inside as the outside.

Windows 10 works very well on an all-in-one device. Touch has been so well integrated into the user interface its hard to imagine using any PC without a touchscreen.

The Envy is far from the first AIO desktop to integrate touch – in fact I have a Vaio Tap 20, which was a Windows 8 launch device, running Windows 10 very well indeed – in fact every mainstream manufacturer offers a selection of them, in all price ranges.

Which raises the question: Why has Microsoft expended the effort to deliver a Surface AIO (if that is indeed what it plans to do in a fortnight’s time) when it has said that it doesn’t intend to compete with its partners except in under-served market segments?

Either Microsoft has something ground-breaking to show or it has changed its strategy and will compete with partners. If it has changed its mind on that strategy what does it say about the Surface Phone, something that has been deemed unlikely precisely because of the existence of the HP Elite x3?