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Hololens In Six More Countries

Microsoft is expanding the reach of its AR headset Hololens, with availability now confirmed for six new countries- UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Two versions of the headset are now available, a developer edition and a commercial edition. The later is about 80% more expensive than the former.

Microsoft’s push into commercial makes sense. This  is, despite the demos of battles with non-existent aliens – a technology which naturally supports commercial applications. One of the early deployments for laptops and later tablets, was to support maintenance personnel who were able to switch from bulky manuals to gradually smaller, more capable technology solutions with advantages like search and video support.

Hololens offers a significant step forward in guiding the actions of particular maintenance activities and, where desirable, validate that they’ve been correctly completed. I’d expect airlines to be especially interested in this sort of application.

Whether the technology ever gets into the hands of the consumer is another matter – perhaps as a gaming device. Although probably not the sort of games that Honda has in mind, if the above advert for the NSX is anything to go by. I’m not seeing a big future for Hololens as an in-car HUD.