Hi Microsoft, Would Now Be A Good Time To Ask For An 8" Surface?

We know that Microsoft once had designs on a smaller Surface tablet - with prototype versions of an 8" version having made brief appearances in leaks. The thing is, since Windows 10 arrived, OEMs have stopped introducing smaller Windows tablets and there's now a gap in the market for something small and light and preferably packing a stylus. An update version of the Vivotab Note 8 for example.

We're pretty sure that Microsoft is looking to extend its range of Surface tablets up into desktop territory, but how about something for those of us who set a premium on portability? A repackaging of the Surface 3 into a smaller form factor shouldn't be too onerous and the pay off could be handsome.

Remember what the iPad Mini did to Apple's sales?

With a new Type Cover and the Surface Pen, a 1080p screen and Windows Hello embedded, this could be a pretty exciting product for Microsoft to bring to market. So how about it Microsoft, do you have something really daring up your sleeve for next week?


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