Google’s Pixel Update Commitment Lags Apple Badly


With Google pushing the Pixel into iPhone pricing territory there’s an expectation that customers should be able to expect a comparable level of service and that extends to system updates.

Apparently this is one area where Google doesn’t feel that it needs to compete with Apple.

The Pixel gets the same commitment to system updates as the Nexus which it  replaces: two years, with three years of security patches. Compare that to Apple, whose most recent iOS 10 release is available all the way back to the iPhone 5, which was introduced in 2012.

Now Google may be working on the basis that customer don’t hold onto their phones for more than two years, and certainly not for four years or more. However the two year update commitment short sells customers who buy anywhere close to the one year old mark. A more reasonable definition of a commitment to updates would be for phones to receive the latest OS for two years after the go off sale.

As it stands Google’s new play on smartphones still lags behind Apple in terms of upgrades. Microsoft’s Lumia customers are likely to be getting Windows 10 Mobile updates for longer than Pixel customers – and that’s a brand that’s universally acknowledged to be dead and buried.

If this is Google’s new plan it really isn’t good enough.


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