Gartner Reports PC Sales Down Again

PC sales fell again for the sales quarter ending on September 30th, with less than 70 million new PCs finding new homes, a drop of 6% year on year.

Apple and Acer had a particularly bad quarter - both saw double digit falls in market share and sales falls of around three quarters of a million units. On the positive side HP, Dell and Asus posted upticks in sales, with HP closing in on Lenovo for top dog in PC sales.

With new MacBook Pro and Air models apparently in the wings, Apple's fall off may be temporary, but the PC market as a whole is showing no signs of having hit the bottom. If anything the way that Windows 10 performs on older hardware is likely to allow users to further delay the purchase of new PCs.

For those hardware vendors who aren't in the top five, the rate of sales decline should be worrying. The ability to survive on much smaller volumes is going to be a key survival strategy for those smaller brands. If they are unable to revise their business models to suit then an almost inevitable consequence will be buyout or shutdown.



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