Galaxy Note 7 Owners Mostly Choosing Galaxy S7 As Replacements

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has told reporters that most Note 7 owners were choosing to switch to another Samsung phone, apparently the S7, although perhaps that's a generic statement including the Edge too, given that the larger phone seems like the more direct replacement.

At the same time Samsung has begun to push its battery limiting update into Europe, in a bid to persuade the remaining 25% of Note 7 owners to replace their devices. 

It really does seem that the Note 7 is such a good phone that customers are reluctant to give it up. Claure suggested this too, saying that most customers only begrudgingly hand back their Note 7.

This all sounds like good news for Samsung, who could have been staring down the barrel of lost consumer confidence. Instead it is finding loyalty amongst its users, which had previously been suggested in surveys, but now is being proven in the wild, so to speak.

I suspect that the greater damage to Samsung will be amongst those who aren't currently owners of Samsung phones, where confidence in the product and the brand may be hurt, reducing conversion sales from other brands.

Samsung needs to come up with an answer as to why these particular handsets were so prone to combustion. Right now not being able to answer that question means that it can't guarantee future designs won't suffer the same problem, which has to raise questions about the viability of any new Samsung smartphone.


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