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Facebook Effectively Kills Apps For Older Windows 10 Mobiles

Facebook gives and Facebook takes away. Facebook finally officially released its apps for Windows 10 Mobile, replacing the previous Microsoft developed versions of the same. These new apps include near feature parity with iOS and Android versions.

Unfortunately those apps. aren't going to be supported for most Windows phone users going forwards. As you can see from the above Windows 10 Mobile Store entry, the app's system requirements now demand 2GB of RAM.

That excludes just about every Windows 10 device released ever. Pretty much every Windows 10 Mobile (by sales volume) just officially lost support for Facebook's apps.

Although there's no indication that the apps will stop working, it's probably safe to assume that sometime in the near future updates will be denied non-compliant devices.

For Windows Mobile users it's just another blow that will inevitably lead to a switch to Android or iOS in the very near future.