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Ebay Departs Windows Phone – As Does Microsoft


Ebay is killing its Windows Phone app and, as with many other big names departing the platform, there is no guarantee that the auction site will return as a Windows 10 app – Universal or otherwise.

The number of big companies scaling back their (in some cases quite limited anyway) support of Microsoft’s mobile platform continues to grow. Amazon’s recent decision to ditch its useful Windows Phone for a web wrapper around its mobile website (one that actually manages to reduce the functionality of the mobile site too, to add insult to injury) shows where this trend is heading.

It seems Microsoft itself has decided that keeping Windows Phone apps alive or updating them for Windows 10 is too much trouble too. Users firing up the Lumia Highlights app today received a message that the app was being killed and no new articles would be published.

Given the potential death of the Lumia name, and the limited love the Microsoft has shown the app since it took over Nokia that’s no real hardship.

However a more high profile failing is Microsoft’s failure to update its Wunderlist task app, an excellent todo manager which lost its Live Tile in the transition from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile. A year ago. Something that still hasn’t been rectified.

Doubly annoying because Android users get a perfectly functional widget and even iOS 10 users now have a better notification widget than Windows 10 Mobile.

There’s no excuse for neglecting such a basic piece of functionality, especially when Microsoft is pushing for developers to convert apps to its mobile platform. Wunderlist is an essential business tool too, so it isn’t even as if this sits outside of the core market Microsoft has identified for its platform going forward.

For Windows Mobile users its galling enough that third parties fail to support the platform, but when Microsoft thumbs its nose at them too, its time to say enough.