Coship’s Crowdfunded Windows 10 Mobile Is Another Strike Against Microsoft’s Third-Party Plans


Chinese phone manufacturers Coship has announced that its updated Windows Mobile flagship device – the Moly X1 – will be launched via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, sometime later this month.

Given how well a similar campaign by competitor Nuans went, I guess we can wave goodbye to another Windows 10 Mobile OEM.

Microsoft’s plans to abandon Windows Mobile manufacturing to third parties is slowly unravelling. There have been no significant new partnership announcements since Microsoft ended its own manufacturing capability and killed the Lumia line and as sales continue to slide there is little incentive for any OEM to risk capital to build devices that it will almost certainly struggle to sell.

Hence the crowdfunding campaigns, which at least allow an OEM to gauge interest in new devices.

Microsoft has backed itself into a corner. It needs to keep developing Windows 10 Mobile, because its whole UWP strategy falls apart without it, yet the gradual reduction in the number of people using Windows on a phone means that investment is benefitting fewer and fewer customers.

Lenovo CEO Gianfranco Lanci recently questioned Microsoft’s commitment to its mobile platform. It does seem more and more likely Microsoft will need to revisit that decision in the not too distant future.