At What Point Do We Say Smartphone Cameras Are Good Enough?

The world's most popular camera is the iPhone. We also know that in the right hands an iPhone can take photos every but as impressive as a dedicated SLR. And the iPhone doesn't even have the best camera on a smartphone.

So at what point does the quality of a smartphone's camera cease to be a variable in the purchasing decision? I'd suggest for premium smartphones that point is almost here, if not here already.

Recent blind tests of a variety of smartphone cameras produced a clear result - the Galaxy S7 produced the shots that most voters preferred. What was interesting was not only that the S7 didn't win in every category, but was a high scorer even in those it didn't win, but also that it required very careful. scrutiny to determine which photo was best and which was worst in the sample groups. None of the photos taken by any of the smartphones would have been disappointing viewed in isolation.

So when the Google Pixel arrives it may well take over the mantle of best smartphone camera, however I'd suggest this shouldn't influence your purchasing decision significantly.

Every premium smartphone camera will give you pictures that would have been unachievable just a couple of years ago. Unless it's the deciding factor between two otherwise inseperable choices, I think you can remove photography from your buying decision.


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