Are There Any Reasons To Cling To The Windows Mobile Wreckage


Hope is a terrible thing, for Windows phone users the death of the mobile platform has been long and painful, not helped in any way by the improved capability of the OS and its first-party software. Death it is though, with the corpse just occasionally twitching. Each twitch brings the merest glimmer of false hope.

The HP Elite X3 flattered to deceive - an impressive device with no market. Figures from Ad Duplex suggest that outside of review units, customer test units and any in house use in HP, there haven't been many actual sales.

So is there anybody who should still be considering a Windows 10 Mobile? Yes, but not barely.

If you are a family with young children who need to have mobile phones for any reason, Microsoft's Family usage controls work very well on Windows Mobile. You can go some way to preventing and monitoring a child's (mis)use of their device.

Otherwise, I'm afraid the time has come to consider something new and different. Maybe an iPhone, probably an Android.


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