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Apple's Touch Bar Is Not An Improvement

Apple replaced the function keys on its new MacBook Pro with a small touchscreen which can change depending on the applications in use on your Mac at anyone time.

The Touch Bar is an okay idea, but really it's just the laptop version of the LG V10's secondary screen. My concern is that the transitive nature of the items on the dislay mean that every time you want to use them you're required to take your eyes from the screen and look down at the keyboard.

As anybody interested in human computer interaction will tell you that is less than ideal. Health care professionals will tell you that when we're already creating a generation of hunchbacks by virtue of incessant smartphone usage, further damage to spines at the desk isn't something that should be necessary.

Interestingly, several commenters have suggested that the mechanical action of taking a hand from the keyboard to touch the main screen to perform such tasks is sub-optimal when compared to the Touch Bar. In which case the iPad Pro and its keyboard case must be the worst example of a computer available today, given on its reliance on that very action.

Visually the Touch Bar is excellent, in practice I'd say it's going to be far from ideal.