An Early Release Of The Galaxy S8 Is Not The Answer That Samsung Needs Right Now

A number of sources are claiming that Samsung will seek to fill the hole left in its range by the loss of the Galaxy Note 7 by doubling down on Galaxy S8 development with a view to having the new phone launched at the beginning of 2017.

That's a mistake, for two reasons.

Firstly, speed is one thing Samsung does not need to demonstrate right now. A excess of care in all aspects of its next flagships gestation is critical here. If senior members of the chaebol, its shareholders and employees think the fallout from the Note 7 episode is bad, just wait until the point when another phone goes bad. There is no leeway for Samsung here, the next phone must be bulletproof. Completely. Absolutely. Without question. Bulletproof.

Secondly, the current Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are still new devices and with the Note out of the picture resume their places at the head of the smartphone queue. Samsung previously had the three best smartphones you could buy in their portfolio. That is now two, but two that are still head and shoulders above the competition. Neither phones are in desperate need of replacement and with no new iPhone due for around eight to ten months and Google's Pixel likely to be in constrained supply, the S7 is still a powerful choice on the showroom floor.

It's also been out on the market long enough to insulate itself from any taint of the Note 7 fire scandal. If the S7 had the same problem it would have been more than obvious by now.

There's plenty of pain coming Samsung's way over the next couple of years but the quality of the S7 and S7 Edge at least offers some buffer for the company to try and improve its processes so that it never goes down the same path again.

The best phone you can currently buy is still a Samsung. Now Samsung needs to leverage that fact to make sure customers are still prepared to buy a Samsung.



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