Amazon Ditches Windows Store Kindle App - For Now?

Windows 10 loses its dedicated Windows Store version of the Amazon Kindle app next week, with the company pointing users towards its Win32 app instead. The latter is completely functional, but the move jibes with the improved security and update features that the Windows Store offers. Plus of course it shuts out anybody still running Windows RT.

As Microsoft has made it much easier for developers to port Win32 apps to Windows Store apps I can't see this being a long term absence. Especially as the Windows Store becomes the go-to location for new apps for a new generation of Windows users.

For now existing users can continue to use the existing Windows Store version of the app and it will continue to work as long as it isn't removed from your PC. Anyone looking to install the app should make sure they download it before the October 27 cut-off date.

No word on whether this impacts Windows users on smartphones, although the more difficult path to replacing the mobile version of the app suggests that it might be safe for now.


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