A Week Without Windows: Final Thoughts


I made it through a week without Windows and discovered that, with some compromise, it would be possible to use an Android tablet as my solo device. There were some good parts to the experience and I wasn't coming new to the platform. Even so I don't believe that Android, either with or without Chromebook integration, is ready to challenge Windows in any serious Challenge.

In the four years since the Asus Transformer Prime arrived on the market sporting a laptop form factor and rocking Android Honeycomb optimised for the large screen, Android has failed to embrace any form factor beyond the smartphone. Both Google and Android OEMs have struggled to build devices that are competent tablets or laptops.

Smaller form factor tablets disguise this shortcoming by masquerading as big phones but they sell mainly on price and are outmanoeuvred by the iPad for those who want a great tablet experience and Windows hybrids for those who want a fuller PC experience.

Samsung, in particular, has ended up selling competent tablets that compromise between the two extremes. When it launched the Windows 10 Galaxy Tab Pro S it was tantamount to an admission that Android isn't good enough to play here.

For Google its desktop future lies with Chromebook. For me its back to Windows.


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