A Week Without Windows: Day Three, Week One

Having created a usable portable setup and an acceptable desktop replacement from my Galaxy Tab S2 over the last couple of days and proven that, in the short term at least, you can live in the Google / Samsung environment today I've set out to see what the advantages of such a setup might be.

Portability would certainly be an expected benefit. In theory my Tab S2 and portable keyboard are a lot lighter than my laptop, but that's only a benefit brought on by the hardware I've selected. Whilst 8" Windows tablets are rare they do still exist. And if you accept that 10" is the smallest screen you should be using for any kind of work then the choice of Windows tablets increases immeasurably.

Cost might have one been a perceived benefit of picking Android over Windows but that's no longer the case. A usable Windows tablet costs no more than the equivalent Android and Microsoft will definitely keep it more up to date than Google will.

Realistically the only major advantage that using Android brings is when used as a portable device. Then the Play Store software offering, the better battery life and the phone centric OS comes into its own.

It feels unlikely that you'll use a tablet - even an 8" one as your main portable device just because a smartphone is always going to be much more convenient.

It's becoming more and more clear as I go through this week on Android that whilst you can replace a Windows PC with an Android device, there is a layer of complexity added to everything you then do with it.

Once Google finishes merging Android and Chromebook there will almost certainly be a better Windows competitor created. Until then it's not going to be enough for most people to give up Windows.