A Week Without Windows - Day One, Week One

With Windows Mobile grinding its way to a painful death its time to start investigating other platforms  to see how difficult it would be to make the transition away from my preferred mobile platform. The close integration of mobile and desktop platforms could also mean moving away from Windows Mobile prompts a move away from Windows desktop too.

To find out how difficult or easy it is to make the transition I'm going to spend a week using just Android products and a week with Apple only, As I'm expecting the week using Apple products to be straighforward I'll do that last.

So for this week I'm going to be using my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with a portable USB keyboard and mouse as my main computer, with a Galaxy S6 as my phone. As I have DisplayLink docks on my home and office desks I won't be squinting at the 8" screen when working. Also I'll be running a Citrix session for certain business related applications - which seems like a bit of a fudge on the "no Windows" thing, but it is something that I do from my laptop as well, thanks to business security restrictions.

Whilst I won't be moving my subscription services this week, if this was a permanent move then I'd be reassured in evidence that suggesting the from OneDrive to Google Drrive is straightforward; and I wouldn't foresee any problems with leaving Groove for Play Music or Spotify.

So, can Android replace Windows 10? Only one way to find out...