A Phone Version of Paint 3D Could Mean Something New Is Coming To Windows Mobile

3D was very much on Microsoft's collective mind during its hardware event this week. As well as the game changing Surface Studio we saw more signs of how holographic computing and VR are part of Microsoft's view of the future.

New software too, including the aptly named and completely on point Paint 3D.

The way that Paint has transformed from a throwaway piece of software included with Windows to what looks an exciting new way to generate 3D content was pleasing.

More interesting though, was the news that Microsoft will be bringing Paint 3D to Mobile as a UWP.

Now I might be getting ahead of myself here, but Paint demands the use of a stylus to deliver its goodness effectively.  Which suggests that Microsoft is planning on a future where Windows Mobile devices have access to stylii.

As that's been a key part of the Surface PC experience it seems logical that any prospective Surface Phone would have one too. HP's Elite x3 does – although we've yet to see it in action. 

The Surface Studio is more proof that Microsoft is on a winning streak of hardware innovation and its last five products have all been met with uncharacteristically positive press.

Adding a Surface Phone as a sixth will do little to turn around the platforms' collapse. On the other hand a phone loaded with the appeal of the Surface Studio might just get customers to consider a Windows phone and that in itself would be something of an achievement right now.