Windows 10 Maintained Market Share Growth After End Of Free Upgrade Offer

Microsoft's offer to upgrade Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 PCs to Windows 10 came to end in July and there were questions asked about whether the new platform's impressive growth would continue once customers were required to pay for the privilege of upgrading.

This morning NetMarketShare published its platform usage figures for August and to most people's surprise (including my own) the platform has registered a consistent level of growth compared to previous months.

Windows 10 now accounts for 23% of the PC market and if September results are the same Microsoft will have moved its new platform onto one in four PCs in just fourteen months.

So why has growth continued after the end of the free upgrade offer? I suspect a small burst of users buying new machines - especially with attractive offers in 2016 models available ahead of 2017 model range announcements.

Windows overall accounts for a larger share of the PC market than at any time since the beginning of 2016, which also points to a mini-burst of PC buying, with both Mac OS X and Linux dropping market share as a result.


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