Will Verizon Bale On Yahoo After Data Breach?


Verizon paid nearly $5bn for Yahoo a couple of months ago, winning a bidding war (allegedly) to take ownership of the internet’s lame duck web property. Had it known that Yahoo was sitting on a data breach that compromised the accounts of 500m of its users it may not have been so quick with its money.

Given that the breach dates from 2014 its hard to see why Verizon is only just finding out about it now. That appears to be the case though, with Verizon claiming it was made aware of the investigation just two days ago.

Couple of potential talking points around the Verizon boardroom table tomorrow morning: what does this say about Yahoo’s security practices and what impact will it have on active user numbers?

And one talking point for Verizon’s lawyers: did Yahoo come to the negotiating table in good faith or did it fail to disclose the breach in order to gain a more favourable deal?

If some reason you’re still using Yahoo, now would seem like an entirely appropriate time to stop.


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