Who Has The Biggest Surprise Lined Up For October: Google Or Microsoft?


With Apple’s iPhone launch out of the way, attention turns to Google’s Pixel phone event next week. We already have a good idea of the main event – two HTC made phones carrying the Google branding and the new sub brand Pixel – we’re also seen today evidence of a new 4K capable Chromecast device, but the biggest news might just be Andromeda.

Referenced with Nougat, some are speculating that Andromeda will see the merger of Android and Chrome OS to create a single platform for all mobile devices going forward. Given the work that Google has been doing to bring the Play Store to Android that’s probably a good guess. Will Google be ready to unveil this major change of direction within the week?

Also being suggested for the Google event are a new network router with ground breaking WiFi performance and a Google Assistant speaker puck to compete with Amazon’s Alexa.

Later in the month Microsoft has its Surface event and right now rumours are all over the place, with the biggest being that Microsoft will be introducing three Surface All-In-One devices. However there are also suggestions that we could see the Surface Pro 5, a new Surface Book and even a replacement for the Surface 3.

Wildest rumour of all is of the early debut of the much anticipated Surface Phone – a device that any believe will ‘save’ Windows 10 Mobile.

Of the two events Microsoft clearly has the biggest opportunity to pull off a surprise unveiling, there are just so many products that its due to replace. The Surface AIO doesn’t strike me as a big win for Microsoft though and I’ll be interested to see how the company presents the devices, if it does indeed launch them.

Half of me suspects that this is a cover story that Microsoft has managed to plant to hide the fact that it will be releasing three new Surface devices – a tablet, a laptop and, just maybe a phone…

Nothing that Google has lined up (unless it has completely kept it undercover) seems to have that same potential to grab headlines.


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