The Next iPhone Will Be Truly Wireless, And That Might Be A Problem


Wireless. It was a big talking point when the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were announced last week. The thing is neither iPhone is really wireless. Every time you want to charge you’re going to be plugging in to that Lightning port, like it or not.

Just how wireless can phones get though? Actually it’s entirely possible to use your phone without ever having to plug anything in to it. Wireless charging has been a thing for years. Wireless audio for even longer.

There are limitations to what you can do in an aircraft, but In pretty much every other situation there’s no need to be tethering your phone to a cord..

Which is why I’m expecting Apple to add wireless charging as a new feature of the next iPhone.

The real question is will Apple use one of the two current standards – Qi or PMA – or will it instead introduce a new, Apple only wireless charging technology which offers limited benefits but restricts customers to Apple certified chargers only?

Based on historical behaviour I’m pretty much certain that it will be the latter. And unfortunately that sort of thing is good for no one.

Except for Apple of course, for whom it’s a further opportunity to raise the height of the wall around its garden.


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