Samsung's Note 7 Recall Doesn't Put Safety First


Samsung has suspended sales of the Galaxy Note 7 whilst it replaces stock with devices without the faulty battery pack responsible for a number of fires. It looks like the company is doing its best to reduce the risk to consumers but there are several weaknesses in the way that has actioned the recall that fails to protect consumers.

Firstly it hasn't made the recall official, which would ensure that unsold handsets from all outlets have been recovered. Particularly relevant in countries where there is a large gray-market for imported handsets. There will be a level of temptation for smaller retail operations to either continue selling those devices or to hold onto to them to sell once the hoo-ha has died down, rather than to re-export them back to their point of origin to have them replaced. Meaning that potentially dangerous hardware continues to find its way into consumer's hands.

Then there are reports of retailers (including Amazon) issuing refunds but not asking for handsets to be returned. Again there is nothing preventing these potentially dangerous devices finding their way back into the market, once again endangering owners.

If Samsung wants to do the right thing it needs to ensure that every single Note 7 gets returned, checked and refurbished before it does anything else. It also needs to ensure that 'safe' handsets can easily be distinguished from 'dangerous' handsets, which will also go some way to protecting the resale value of the Note 7 in future.

However, I can't help bat feel that the Note 7 has had its image tarnished forever and despite its obvious capabilities Samsung will struggle to find buyers, leading to low sales, discounting and an early launch for the Note 8.

With the new iPhone just days away this couldn't possibly have worked out worse for Samsung.


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